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    Important Pool Information

    Important Pool Information


    Due to a Canada wide lifeguard shortage, as a result of COVID, YCC#41 does not have a certified lifeguard to supervise the pool as we have had in all previous years expect for on Mondays and July 19 - 21, 2022.


    In order to keep the pool open additional days, the pool management company has offered us pool monitors. A pool monitor is trained in emergency response, they know to use the safety equipment around the pool (reaching pole, throwing buoy ... etc.) to help get a swimmer in distress to safety and perform the necessary follow-up. The pool monitors will be actively watching when swimmers are in the pool to be able to identify signs of distress. Pool monitors are not certified lifeguards. The Board has decided to use the pool monitors until we are able to get a certified lifeguard to keep the pool open. Swimmers / Guardians of swimmers must sign a waiver prior to being allowed to swim.


    Waivers are available in the YCC #41 Office. Once the waiver is signed you will receive an additional pool tag indicating that a pool waiver has been signed.


    As of July 23, 2022 the pool will be open Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays with the use of a Pool Monitor and Mondays with the use of a lifeguard.


    The Board of Directors of YCC #41


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